About Us

Was established in 1997 first on Socks production Company Morgen Socks. Now on, our production company name is Nakipoglu import and export trade , in addition , we produce cartoon label , women , print, and leather labels , for export firms, with our texhnological print machines.

Nakipoglu trade company work in full service in speed production and loading time.  Our production groups are Man, Woman, Children and Baby Socks ( its possible to make 6 colour and 3D designs) with different kind of yarn such as ORGANIC COTTON, COTTON, MERCERIZE, WOOL, ACRYLIC, MODAL, COOLMAX, TACTEL, COREYARN, BAMBOO, VISCOSE,, TENCEL, SILK,, THERMOLITE,  and to present the socks in order to sell.


The basic duties of Nakipoglu group blending the total quality to a decent seriousity are as below :

  - The order form when received from the customer is translated with all his technical requirements and instructions in turkish and well transmitted to our workers.

- To place the (porecast )  order to the machine capacity and ability.


- To inform the customer before all about the shipping conditions.


- To inform the customer about all the level of the production and to present him all required materials for approval on time.


- It is easily to detect the deviations of quality throught the production with the inspections at several different levels of the production which prevent and minimize the risk of a possible delay of the shipments.


- A final inspection give to the supplier the approval to dispatch the goods.


- To supervise all steps of the transport and inform obviously the customer to all the terms of transport. An official transporter is continiously in charge of the expedition of our products.


- To follow all the competitions terms and inform about them to the customer.


- All new developped products and/or ideas are followed every time and transmitted to the customer.

-        We would  glad to be in business relations with you.




Adres: Fatih caddesi Uzun sokak Maviçarşı No:14 Kat:2 No:23 Merter-Gungören/ Istanbul

Tel:0090 212 637 17 93

Tel: 0090 212 637 03 82-83

Fax: 0090 212 637 17 94